Supply of Industrial, Oil-field, Machinery Equipment & Construction Materials :

Static Air Pre-heaters & Cast Iron Tubes (DEKA)

Super Coil heaters

Heat Exchangers (Shell & Tube)

Pumps (Sea Water Supply Pump / Brine Re-circulating Pumps / Distillate Pumps

Valves ( Gate, Ball, Butterfly, Check, Control, Needle, Safety, Diaphragm, Solenoid )

Valves Actuators

Steel Sheets, Plates, Bars, Angles, Channels Sections

Nuts, Bolts & Fasteners

Refrectories Cements / Bricks

Gaskets, O-rings, Packing, Jointing

V-Belts, Electrodes.

Demister Pads / Matress / Wire Mesh

Casings (Pipes, Pipe fittings, Pup-joints)

Hoses (Air / Oil)

Expansion Joints (Rubber / Metallic)

Mechanical Seals & Bearings.

Instrumentation & Electrical Accessories.

Plumbing Metals (Solders)

Silica Gel.

Gauges (Pressure, Temperature & Level)

Lifting Materials, Ropes, Slings.

Battery charger, Batteries

Rubber Bearings

Burners & Ignitors (Gas / Oil)

Anodes (Sacrificial), Transducer, Insulation

Electric / Battery operated Cars (Taylor-Dunn)

Boilers Air-preheaters (Hot, Cold & Intermediate Baskets)

Sealing plates, T-Bar (For Air-Preheater)


Air Compressors (Instrument)

VARTA Batteries (For Power Stations)



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