Introduction :  

Imeco Limited is an engineering organization established in 1975. Initially, it started its operation as a manufacturer of Compressed Air Engineering Products and Services. In the courser of Business, the manufacture of Air Preheated Elements to meet the requirements of Indian Power Sector was taken up in 1980. The management inverted in Plant and Machinery to produce and supply a full range of Air Preheated Baskets as Replacement Spares for Ljungstrom, Rothemuhle and other popular makes of Regenerative Air Preheated Units.

Apart from considerable investment in the Plant and Machinery, the Company progressively set up in-house Research and Development facilities working in tandem with its Quality Assurance Department, fully accredited by various Quality Assurance Organizations including M/s Loyds Register of Shipping to meet the stringent quality requirements of customers.


This has resulted in IMECO LIMITED becoming a formidable producer and supplier of Air Preheated Baskets of international standards, having in place all hte necessary Quality Assurance, Production Base, and automated Design/Drawing facility fully backed with after - sales service. Today, IMECO enjoys the reputation of being one of the most dominate producers of APH Baskets and Elements for Thermal Power Plants across the Globe.





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